Best Phone Repair Kit Repair Cell Phone

Mobile phones are available in various shape and size, having   different technical specifications and different structure. We commonly use cell phone in our life if your cell phone fell down by fault and broke down you face inconvenience and your question is

“What to do next?”

First not upset, if you face such as situation, your phone broke down and damage, it has a solution. The solution is that you should repair your phone(Telefoon reparatie rucphen), if your plan to repair your phone on your own then you will need proper tools. You need a repair kit.

On the other hand, it is important to choose a best tool repair kit for your cell phone. If you are searching a cell phone repair kit, your obvious choice should be;


 You should also know the function of kit, the tools of kit, you should learn how to use it perfectly. The best tool repairing a cell phone available in the market. It is important to purchase the best brand. Below is a list of PHONE REPARING TOOL

Opening Tools/Mobile Phone Opener


Sim Card Eject Pin

Suction Cup

ESD- Safe Cleaning Brush


Utility Knife

Screwdriver Kit

Metal Ruler

Anti- Static Wrist Strap

Metal Ruler

Driver Handle

Pry Tools

Antistatic Mat (ESD Mat)

Precious Screwdriver

Now have a look at some note able function and uses of tools.

Opening Tools/Mobile Phone Opener

These tools are used to open the body of a cell phone. The mobile openers are made of different material like metal or plastic but you use a non- metallic.

ESD-Safe cleaning Brush

While repairing your cell phone these brushes are used for cleaning the PCB of your cell phone.

Screw Driver Kit

A Screw driver kit has a lot of screw driver of different sizes and shapes to assemble and dissemble the cell phone.


Tweezers are used to hold electrical components Jumper wire, ICs, etc and picking up other screws and small components.

Antistatic Mat

While repairing a cell phone Antistatic mat is laid on the table or workbench.


A spudgers is a tool that used to separate pressure fit- plastic components without damage during separation repairing a cell phone.

Suction Cup

The suction cup repair tool for cell phone is a helper to remove LCD screen when you repair your phone.

Sim Card Eject Pin

It is a good sim card eject tool replacement. Insert straight end of the Sim Eject Tool into the hole next to the Sim port and remove your Sim card from the tray.

Anti-Static Wrist Strap

It is worn in the wrist of you when you repairing your cell phone. It is used for ESD prevention.

Precision Screwdriver

Precision screwdriver is used to unscrew and tighten screw and remove.

One of the biggest factor is choosing a best repairing kit for you.

Now you should able to know basic tools and functions of these tools. A best repairing cell phone kit is your solution for broken cell phone.

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